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13 November 2015

Remembrance Day

 Remembrance Day nails for 2015. Just simple little poppies with a black gem in the centre. I mixed a couple reds and greens to try and get some variation in each but overall it blended too much with the exception of some of the darker areas on the poppies.

09 November 2015

Halloween 2015

2015 Halloween nails. Just some spiderwebs and skulls. One of the skulls lost part of his face when the paint was still wet.

30 October 2015

Night sky

Some constellation nails and a glimpse of the milky way. Not a particularly accurate representation, but I liked how these turned out. The only downside was that I didn't do enough of a top coat so the gems didn't last very long.

14 October 2015

July and August

 Done at the end of July, a couple of my favourite mystery stars envisioned as cats. My pre-paint sketch turned out much better so I'm not thrilled with the end result here. But we have Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and Father Brown, plus a little magnifying glass on the pinky.

At the beginning of August it was also time for another season of football, so some new FC Bayern nails were done. Unlike the 'cat-ectives', I did do both hands for the Bayern nails but also attempted to dye my hair with red streaks and the other hand turned really pink.

03 July 2015

Agatha Christie

Continuing the book trend for July, Agatha Christie book cover nails. These were based off the Harper Collins re-issues, I think the covers are really great. On the left hand from thumb to pinkie there is By The Pricking of my Thumbs, Five Little Pigs, The Regatta Mystery, Body in the Library, and Nemesis. On the right Taken at the Flood, The Hollow, Sleeping Murder, Sparkling Cyanide, and Miss Marple's Final Cases. Added a picture of the covers they were based on for comparison.

Lord of the Flies

 Book nails, May/June 2015: I recently decided that Lord of the Flies is probably one of my two book soul-mates (thanks to books-cupcakes photo challenge on tumblr) and decided to do nails to match. On the fingers a stylized conch shell, on the right thumb the pig head from the cover of my copy, and on the left thumb “Lord of the Flies” written in grey and red to mimic the colours on the pig. I actually used a small paint brush for these rather than the small brushes in nail art polish bottles and I think I got a lot more control out of it. Something I'll have to look into doing on a regular basis.

End of the Season

April 2015 - I did these at the end of April in support of Bayern and the Canadiens, unfortunately it was not to be and Bayern lost on aggregate in the Champions League while Montreal lost to Tampa in the playoffs. 

01 April 2015

Montreal and Montreal Canadiens

Went to Montreal at the end of March for my first NHL game, so did a new round of Habs nails. The CH and the stripes from one of the old jerseys on both hands, and Price's mask on the right thumb. And Montreal won and officially clinched their playoff spot, so that was also excellent. 

17 March 2015

Kitty Cat Nails

 I was sent a picture of someones nails that had little cats on the bottom and decided to try it out with my own cat. Just did her on the thumbs and pawprints on the fingers. Used a dotting tool for the paw prints which gave a nicer circle than eyeballing it and kept the polish from getting too thick.

Spring Flowers for Not Quite Spring

 I got these nail accessories from a friend in Japan for Xmas and finally tried them out last month (it was apparently -37 with the windchill the weekend I did them so I decided a bit of early spring would be nice). Other than screwing up half a sheet by forgetting to take the plastic off I think they’re cute. Just need to work on my application technique.